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I don't know, there are some pretty dire games of Aussie Rules each weekend dude. Same with League. Same with Union. Actually most games of Union these days are dire but you get my point.

I've said it before, but for me, a great game of Football = a great game of AFL = a great game of League = a great game of Union. If the teams, in all codes, try to win, try to attack, then it's simply good viewing because they all have different skill sets that you can appreciate.

Don't get me wrong here, there are terrible games of Aussie rules played too.

Football tends to have more edge of your seat emotional intensity, but in general lacks the raw four quarters of gut running you get when two good sides face each other in the afl.

I like and watch both, but I'd still rather watch a poor game of Aussie rules than a game of football where both teams are happy with a point before they step onto the park.

It's about more than lack of goals, it's the lack of intent that shuts me.