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Um, Leo Barry, taking a speccy in the back pocket, with only a kick in it, against the Eagles, so the Swans win their first premiership in decades, in front of 90 thousand people, in 2005: shit woulda got real loud.

Or the Eagles scuppering play in the Swans forward pocket in 2006, again, only a kick in it, 90 thousand people at the G: shit woulda got loud.

Yeh true probably in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney & Perth but they couldnt even sell those games out. 10 000 vacant seats in the 2005 GF. So obviously not to many neutral Melburnians gave a shit about Sydney & Perth being the centre of attention in there own backyard (77 000 only turned up to Port v Brisbane in 2004). Most people in Brisbane or overseas couldnt of given a rats either.

200 000 would of easily gone to see Citehh v QPR if the stadium could hold that.

& I highly doubt any AFL Games are watched by 1 billion people & i highly doubt it was the highlight story of the day on ESPN or BBC Sport like it was here on FoxSports.

When Citehh were down 2-1 in extra time you could just feel the pain the Citehh supporters were going to go through. It was another level of intensity. (i'm talkin destruction, chaos, slitting wrists, possible suicides). The cops would of been packing shit. The amount of destruction that would of been caused from 44 years of waiting would of been phenominal. Shit would of gone on for weeks. No Australian sport would ever get a reaction like that.

To see in the space of a few minutes the exact emotional opposite happen to the Citehh fans was brilliant. It was more than a sporting spectical. The way people would live there lives in Manchester if Citehh lost would of been totally different. It's something they would never get over & would always hurt.

Not to forget that QPR was also playing for its survival in the EPL.

That's proper intensity.

That shit is on another level to any Australian sport where we here would be pissed off for a few days, have a laugh & get over it.

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