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the best thing about most of the crew in this forum is that they can see the good in both roundball and aussie rules. it is an inherently australian thing that you are only allowed to support 'footy' or 'soccah', and the two are supposed to hate each other. I love sport in general, and love each code for entirely different reasons.

Thats the thing

Imagine if all the countries that play the World Game played AFL Rugby or NRL.

We would be lucky to be ranked in the top 20 countries in the world. Chris Judd & Paul Gallen would be the equivalent to Tim Cahill (average to good players) compared to what the US Germans or Russians would dish up.

Soccer is the best of what the 7 billion inhabitants this planet can offer.

Its on another level.

Like it or not but the world just laughs when they see us play Convict Ball on a cricket ground in front of 100 000 bogans.

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