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It affects you when they're in your guild or your party and decide to stop actually playing the game, or doing their job, just to brag about their level or ruin what would be a sweet social chemistry of people just playing effectively and not giving a fuck about their level or gearscore. Or fill up guild chat with the same epenis comparing bs. Like I said, happened at the start of every single WoW xpac - and sure enough this may not be WoW and there's no huge social bases in D3 like there is WoW, but the archetype is still the same.

I'm with you. The last corporation/alliance (read: guild) I was with before I left Eve, was awesome because people weren't too fussed about what level everyone was, as long as you did what you were capable of doing. Sure, the recruitment policy generally kept absolute noobs out but we always helped out anyone that was relatively new and always supported each other.

I miss Eve Online and the hilarious backstabbing politics and diplomacy