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Another thing that has amused me no end is so many reporters kept saying "Tony Abbot should fire Slipper from the Liberal Party"

The conservative commentators sudden hatchet job on Slipper today has been quite amusing too.

So he has been an endorsed Liberal party MP since 1993, was in the Nationals before then. He's now an independent, yet somehow him and his slippery rorting ways is now all of Labors fault and makes them look grubby?

I found this funny too, even though I have NFI what it has to do with...well anything really.


In December 2002, Slipper felt the need to visit a lavatory during a parliamentary sitting. Somehow he found himself in the disabled toilet, and when he had completed his business, possibly tired and increasingly emotional, he couldn’t get out. He pushed and pulled at the door before hitting the panic button. Four parliamentary attendants hurried to his aid. Disabled toilets, it was explained to him, have sliding doors. When reporters sought comment, his office responded, apparently straight-faced: ‘’He can’t talk to you because he is in the House on chamber duty.’’


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