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Except on the internet I reckon people are even more superficial, because they're just looking at a photo and reading a profile, which doesn't really do much to convey a personality so they're more likely to quickly eliminate people purely based on age, appearance etc than they would be if they were talking to them IRL.


I watched Dating in the Dark (never again) the other day & this couple got on great (in the dark).

Once the lights came on both of them chose to go separate paths.

Just proves the first priority is all about looks & everything else comes 2nd.

When you look at someone in the real world you form an instant opinion good bad or neutral. If you get the chance to socialise / get to know them your opinion could change. You look at someones photo on the internet , nothing will change it's two dimensional.

As if you're going to read an internet profile that mentions "i'm a bit of a bell end. I've got an ok job but it sux, i can't cook, i get bored easily, my interests are porn, beer, threesomes, farting & hangin with my mates watchin footy".