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The Movida Beef Cheeks turned out fan-fucking-tastic!!!

8 hours in the slow cooker on low, if you sneezed they damn near fell apart!

I added celery to the recipe, and it needed quite a while to simmer down the sauce, but as we had to make the cauli puree, it was pretty of time while sorting that out...if a super silky and particle free sauce is important to you, don't strain the sauce until after you've re-heated the cheeks through it as it was impossible to get the cheeks out with some bits coming along with them, and it was more or less pointless finely straining the sauce we when re-heating them, it just got all grainy again...no big deal, as you can see, presentation wasn't my fine point, but hot damn, they were AMAZING!!!

Hmmm, is it just the photo or is that real oily? With slow cook stuff there's usually a lot of fat slick on the top. I usually cook it the day ahead and get a fork and get all the solidified fat off the top. Not that I usually worry about my fat intake much, but if it's just sitting there on the top and so avoidable why not.
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