My mate just purchased some of the stanton monitors on special at DJ warehouse. I don't have much experience with monitors, but I thought they sounded nice. Anyway, in answer to your criteria:


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So i need a set of speakers that have the following characteristics:
- Doesnt need a lot of power to hear the full spectrum of sound. The less the better sounded fairly clear at low volume
- clear mids and highs highs were clear, mids could be a little better IMO
- Not very bassy seemed clear and punchy
- 6 inch drivers or below. The smaller the better. I think they are 6"?
- Looking at spending upto $500 but price isnt a huge issue $650 is close to your budget
- bang for buck will probably win out over perfect monitors. seemed to be good value
- Not looking to use them for production atm but may do in the future
- EQs on the speakers would be great so I can turn down the bass without effecting my mix (nice to have) no EQs on the speaker, only gain. can't you use the mixer to turn the bass down?
- Active is preferable, but willing to look into passive speakers as well. active

Hope that helps a little