> I wasnt sitting here telling everyone how crap it is - i was asked, and i answered. / i absolutely hate the Xbox, and refuse to use it.

ok fair enough, i worded that wrong. what i meant was, i dont think the xbox is crap; its just not my kind of console.

> And just for the record I own all 3 consoles

thats good, at least you arent a blind xbox lover.

> The Gamecube is made of cheap plastic and too unorthodox. The DS2's D-pad is just plain fucked and it's control sticks are nowhere near as accurate as the S-Controller. If you honestly believe keeping the SAME controller was because it achieved the pinnacle of design perfection, then I guess you thought it was great that Sony included only TWO controller ports.. again?

I like the way the GC controller is laid out, it works well for me for games like Zelda and Mario Sunshine.

As for the PS2 controller vs Xbox controller; fair enough, but i still prefer the PS2 controller. put it down to personal preference; i find the PS2 analog sticks infinitely easier to control than the xbox analog sticks. Horses for courses

On the 2 controller ports - the fact that the ps2 is missing a 3rd and 4th controller port doesnt bother me, im more a fan of single player games anyway. To be honest, i dont know of any PS2 games that support 4 player action? (perhaps this is a result of the ps2 only having 2 ports)

> I know it's your opinion but that doesn't change the fact you still have your head up your arse. I'm not going to sit here and list all the exclusive titles that I've been playing whilst you've been sitting there waiting for Halo on the PC. Go and read reviews and do a bit of research instead of making broad and ignorant generalistations. There are even a number of threads here in regards to this exact argument.

I doubt you could say i have my head up my arse in terms of Xbox games - as mentioned before, my roomate has an xbox, and plentiful games (he has it chipped, and has an immense amount of games) - on several occasions I have sat down with it and gone thru the games he has, and none of them really stood out for me. Perhaps his game collections have been out of date; i really dont have much of an idea when it comes to xbox games/release dates/etc.
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