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I started with a Soldier/ Guardian and started pumping feature points into 'melee' and 'duel weapons' asap so I could use pistols and vibroblades in both hands. By the time I became a jedi I was already a master with duel weapons, so it didnt really make sense to waste points on the duel feature.

So what sort of to hit bonuses do you rack up? Would be pretty good for a soldier no doubt... Does the extra attack make a massive difference or what?

I figured since Carth was a soldier and good a dual wielding I'd go something different, and you always know that the "right" way is the light way. That and in games like these the plot/dialogue options are strongly controlled by INT/WIS/CHA so I picked a character that wouldnt suffer too bad by not being a tank. You can always tank once you've clocked up a few Jedi abilities. The scoundrel just seemed sucky...

But next time, Soldier/Guardian evil bastard will be the go! Anyone ever play baldurs gate 2 as a Kensai/Mage? Soo very overpowered..