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So what sort of to hit bonuses do you rack up? Would be pretty good for a soldier no doubt... Does the extra attack make a massive difference or what?

Each Lightsabre does about 22-26 damage max. with bonuses like (guestimates, cant remember exact numbers) +1-12 Damage vs Droids, +6 physical damage, +3 attack modifier and 25% chance of stun, +1-8 Damage vs Darkside, between the two of them.

Naturally assuming the extra sabre gives you an extra chance to hit, thats about 50+ possible damage per attack depending on what your're fighting. Plus with a 2nd level Flurry skill, most average enemies like Sith troopers go down in one attack.


I didnt, infact she joins your party if you get her to repent. She's a Jedi Guardian, but I havent got her into any action as yet. You need to have a decent persuade ability, my first try didnt work.

I was wondering who the missing party member was...