LAPALUX (UK/Brainfeeder) & oOoOO (USA/Triangle) w/ Motion Picture Actress, Elroy 4.0
Bright Future & Silo Arts Present

oOoOO & Lapalux
Motion Picture Actress
Elroy 4.0

and DJ sets from SAAL, Arku, Jimmy Larcombe and Herts

Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday (4th of April) at 5pm!

VENUE: Barsoma
DATE: 18 May


"A spectral utterance from beyond the rave, this is like hearing your dance-pop past dragged up ... slowly" - The Guardian, UK

The overlap between pop and indie culture is one of the inspirations behind the music of oOoOO (pronounced 'Oh'), the moniker of San Fran producer Christopher Dexter Greenspan. Inserting Southern hip-hop, pop and rap influences into an electro-goth and witch house settings resulting in a spooky yet solid sound, and leaves oOoOO difficult to pigeonhole.

Signed to Tri Angle (How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, Clams Casino), oOoOO deviates from standard electronic conventions by taking shoegazey beats into eerily ethereal drag territory. Listening will make you feel like you are travelling backwards on a runaway chillwave ghost-train, and will haunt you long after the ride stops.

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“I like to make music people can listen to several times and still find something new, buried in there somewhere. I enjoy complexities and getting immersed in sound so you forget who and where you are."

Lapalux is 22 year old Stuart Howard, a very talented young man and the newest signee to Los Angeles based record label Brainfeeder (Daedelus, The Gaslamp Killer, Thundercat) Thrust into the spotlight by L.A star-picker Flying Lotus last year, Lapalux released his first widely available E.P, the beautifully woozy "When You're Gone" to critical acclaim.

Sensuous discordant melodies, Hyper colour synths, all topped with a drizzle of pop. Avant-garde tracks packed tight with sounds and samples leave the listener in a hazy, happy, sonic high.

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///ELROY 4.0///