[quote=KidKenosha]I resent this comment.

lol me too =)

i guess i mention it cause a few peop's i've spoken with lately seem to think breaks falls in the "breaks!? that is sooooooo *insert pre-2007 year* don't worry you will grow out of it"

don't get me wrong basically all i mix with on cdj's, and most of what I listen to now, is prog- but there is something very nostalgic about good breaks that just makes me smile and want to party.

I think one problem with traktor was that i was trying to use sync- it just didn't work even when i set the bpm myself. Im still learning to beatmatch but I shouldn't rely on sync anyway.

ive just started downloading your set il let you know how it goes be good to hear something a bit more polished =)



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"I'd say he's more of a music slut than a whore. Whores get paid, sluts don't they just love it. Keeping your musical legs open and getting pile driven by techno while tech house gives you the reach around."