From looking at my phone now:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Obvious
Remote - Control your iTunes library/AppleTV/Airplay device from your phone over wifi
eWallet - Password Reminder app
Consume - Usage monitor app
BusyToDo - Task list that syncs with MobileMe (I still can't believe Apple left this out)
Sleep Cycle - Works really well, monitors your sleep, the only problem I find with it is I like to watch videos as I fall asleep, usually I use the remote app while lying in my bed to choose spontaneously as each video ends
iXpenseIt - Expense/Income tracker/budgeting app, it's really good, but I don't like that there's no Mac app, and there's a few finance apps out now that do have Mac apps that sync changes across
Phases - From the guys that made consume. Detects your location and shows you the moon phases from where you are

Games I'm into atm:
Secret of Monkey Island 1 and 2
Lego Harry Potter Years 1 to 4
Dark Nebula ep 1 and 2
DoodleJump (but think I'm gonna delete this, fun to waste time on the can but easy to get distracted by it too)

Games I've been into in the past:
Aurora Feint - Columns/Tetris style game, fun and addictive
Brain Challenge 1 and 2 - Was fun at first, but who can be fucked playing every single day?
I Dig It - Minding Style game, reminds me of an old Apogee game I can't put a name too.

Check the first half - three quarters of the other thread too, DJ Fusion did pretty good app reviews


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Just to clarify where the line is drawn:

  • Ragging on someone when they're actively posting and pretty much asking for it: OK
  • Starting a new joke train on them when they're not around: Please don't