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the only angry people are those that were stranded, but i imagine that of those, some will be pissed off, some will take it in their stride and some will understand the motives.

How was it avoidable? The unions wanted gurantees of job security. Who is going to give that in this day and age? Qantas said we can't give you that and the Unions weren't prepared to shift. Do you actually know what the dispute was about or are you just commetning from the cheap seats?

Well after buying a quarter of chronic, a slab of Coopers, multiple varietals of Che t-shirts, my Green-Left Weekly, my Aboriginal art-works, attending my Workers Party meetings, read out my beatnik-poetry at the local arts hub, and bought bandages for the holes in my bleeding heart, all I'm left with is only enough for the Cheap Seats.


Ahem, as I understand the dispute the Pilots' main concern is job security plus salary increase, the ground-crews' is job security and wage increases. Qantas is saying they can't countenance either. Yet they shroud themselves in Still Calling Australia home.

What I'm saying is it was avoidable. Qantas Pilots are not only the best paid in the industry, but also the entirety of all professions. They should be willing drop their salary demands in exchange for Qantas continuing to employ Australian pilots. Maybe even agree to salary decreases if it gets Qantas back to being competitive in the industry.

But Qantas can't continue to jingoistically market themselves as Australia if they aren't prepared to guarantee the Australian contingent of their workforce.

Lots of people were willing to forego a percentage of their pay and other things in order to keep their and their colleagues' jobs during the GFC. I think Qantas employees need to understand that if Qantas starts losing large quantities of bank, even if the company gave them all their demands, there would be a real chance that they'd have no job in 5-10 years.

Give me 5 fucking minutes with both sides and I'd fucken sort shit out yo'.
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