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Dubz, your claim that the unions demanded 100% of their claims is rubbish. In all 3 cases the unions have said the pay raises are negotiable.

Claims that all the industrial action is financially crippling the company are a bit whack as well. The pilots union only industrial action to date is to wear non-uniform ties and make in-flight announcements explaining their Qantas Flight - Qantas Pilot demand.

Yet Qantas management repeatedly bring up their current pay levels and make out that they are crippling the company with this action.

The only union actually engaging in action likely to hinder the operation of the airline are the baggage handlers and they are on average earning $38,000 a year which is below the average wage in South Australia let alone anywhere else in the Federation. Considering they need an ASIC clearance to get the job, that is ludicrous.

You certainly don't see Qantas management talking about their pay levels despite the fact they repeatedly mention the 5% payrise which the Baggage Handlers union is the only union making a 5% (negotiable) demand.

The engineers union is asking for a (negotiable) 3% rise and the pilots a (negotiable) 2.5%. Both below the current rate of inflation.

The AFR did some cliff notes for people not wanting to read through all the legalese.

But they're not backing down in terms of accepting no pay rise. Tons of other workers in other companies haven't had pay rises in recent times.

Thanks for the AFR article.