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I've been doing some reading to try and grasp some of the wider issues at play here, one of the things I was taken aback by is the incredibly poor reputation Qantas staff (ie. Cabin crew etc. ) have for poor/rude service around the traps.

A lot of the bad cabin crew are the ones who've been working with qantas for years. They get mad at customers cause they are getting in the way of their 4 day shopping trip to London paid for by qantas. They are old miserable bitches/bastards and qantas can't replace them cause they are unionized.

I've flown first, business and economy long haul in the last year to LA and UK. Every class has its good and bad crew. Just like every other airline I've flown has good and bad. Qantas are up there with the best IMO.

Try missing your connecting emirates flight in Dubai at 5am and compair how good Qantas really are when you are in strife.

You realize how good it is only when it's gone. Then you'll be flying Richard Brason or Michael O'Leaey air and kicking yourselves
It's over you BASTARDS!