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it sucks but that's life. over the last 24 months, thousands of people have been made redundant. Qantas workers are no more special than anyone else. Just because they are unionised and in a monopolistic position of power doesn't mean they should be treated any different to the rest of the country.

To quote Dick Smith: Mr Smith said many jobs in Australia were protected.

''Politicians are protected - we are not allowed to bring in cheap Chinese politicians to replace the ones we have,'' he said.

''You can't get a lawyer from China for $20 per day to do your conveyancing.''

In summary, some workers are treated differently.

If I was them and Qantas had a stated objective to take jobs offshore I would fight the company tooth and nail, even if that meant it went under. They have nothing to lose in that regard imo. The companies obligation is to the shareholders, the unions obligation is to the employees/members. If the jobs go offshore the employees don't have a job and the union has less members, so they are both fighting for their survival in that sense. If Qantas can't stay afloat paying Australians real wages then so be it. The unions must fight this, and fight it till the death if need be.

The union still has room to move though, seems like their requests for engineers to do the visual check etc. are unnecessary and if they really want to keep the jobs in oz you would think there is some room for either productivity increases for the pilots or a some pullback in wages.


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I am epileptic, so making fun of other people with epilepsy isn't making fun of people less fortunate.

Also, despite my epilepsy, I daresay I'm more fortunate than you, you condescending prick.

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