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I am concerned at the job losses in this country, but we are all on thin ice. We either all need to accept a lower standard of iving and drop our wages across the board or we will all be speaking mandarin and running 7-eleven stores

::socialist alert::socialist alert::socialist alert::socialist alert::

Step away from the computer. Where is the real buffed?

Honestly do you actually believe that or are you just so pro-business and anti-unions that you will say whatever is the opposite of what your ideological opponent says?

I'm really interested. You have spent the best part of 6 years deriding those of us who even suggest that there was a deliberate disarticulation of Australia's supposed egalitarianism spirit under Howard (yes I was a Howard Hater for only one reason [I disliked his butchering and technocratising of tertiary education but I did not hate him for policy choices] and that was his accusation that refugees tried to murder their own children by drowning in an attempted blackmail to gain entry to this country - it was a despicable act from the Leader of our nation; it showed he has no morals and no integrity).

Long digression aside: you chided those of us who were against the rampant consumerism and worship of materialism that just happened to occur under Howard (could have been Labor, probably would still have been the same). Is it really possible that you see that not only is consumerist materialism corrupting it just isn't sustainable?

You went walked the road to Damascus didn't you buffed?
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