Really enjoying the direction breaks has taken lately. The 140 Jungle movement is welcome. Tearout years ago was great when done right, this is along those lines imo - very easy for the big ballsy tunes to be boring and repetitive, the 140 jungle tunes change it up enough in order to avoid that problem. The proggy producers have stepped up as well so thankfully imo breaks has stood the test of time, upped its game and kept it relatively fresh even if it has dipped its hand in the old skool for some inspiration. Many great tunes coming from the likes of Pariah (above), producers that probably think of themselves as being more in the bass music camp, but its still breaks imo - just breaks you need to dig for as its not labelled breaks in online or local record stores anymore. Couldn't be happier with the state of breaks at the moment, far better than the "breaks is dead" years. There is still a lot of life left in it yet.

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