From my perspective the perfect guy to use as an example to get things kicked off is Gez Varley aka G-Man aka Gerrard Varley, formerly of LFO.

From what I can tell he is a contemporary of legends like Regis, Surgeon and Luke Slater but obviously he doesn't have anything that resembles their profiles. His sound is kind of like a hybrid of less emotionally aggressive Regis and the PAS releases on Peacefrog. Take it as the highest form of praise when I say that I think Varley's productions are easily as good as those of Regis and PAS.

For someone with an interest in techno that started more recently you may know G-Man for his work on Styrax Leaves, Quo Vadis, and/or the excellent The Way You Move out on Wir. If you have to get one release, though, I'd point you in the direction of his 2001 LP Bayou Paradis on Force Inc.

The opening track is reliable indicator of the sort of atmosphere you can expect.

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Those of you who saw Silent Servant in Melbourne recently may remember this beast (pitched down significantly):

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To round out the introduction, any fans of Truss's forays into hardcore acid will love Raw from the Shon EP (check out the sample on the linked discogs page).

Now is as good a time as any to jump on board the G-Man wagon as he's fired up GMR Records which provides for digital releases for so much of his gold.
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