In Search of Sunrise Tour ft. Richard Durand @ Home, Sydney (13/07/2012)
I actually tend to agree Valency but sadly that was the case - People have always known Richard Durand as the big room anthem player though - credibility probably in terms of predictability of what people expect when Richard Durand has performed over the years..

I'm all from sets and artists out there who can take the audience on a journey with tracks that stick out and make even the most educated music lover go "Wow this track is amazing - I've Never heard this song before but it's pretty awesome". It's pleasing to see that there are those type of artists out as well - willing to take risks with undiscovered gems. There really is some really talented artists out there who are actually doing that as well which I really respect.

I still think ISOS has a place in the trance music realm, but personally it's not my cup of tea any more.

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