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There's a level 10 at my gym that I've been trying the slow tune with for a little while now. She is well out of my league. south american looking -, crossfit kinda build, brains (she's a Dr), and she squats more than me.

Will probs have to man up at some point and ask for her number. She is definite gf material, not one night kinda stuff.

take it to lifestyle bearfag

"If you don't try, you've already failed"
Also don't ask for her number. Just give her yours and tee up a coffee somewhere. Godspeed son.


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in a surely predictable post - theres this chick at work who i find ridiculously fucking hot. Probably almost 6 foot, sweeeet double D's that seem to defy gravity, and an ass that could crack walnuts. I found out today that shes not even 18 yet. Obviously my missus wouldnt approve, but it got me wondering if i wasnt attached if I would go there or not.....

What is the limit?

Depends where you are and where you grew up I guess. I've got 18 ingrained in my brain now but people in Croatia have no issues with 16 or even 15, assuming you're around the 20 mark. If older then it's a bit creepy. Quite a culture shock the first time I realised it.

At the end of the day though, it's really all about what's legal isn't it?