bone,farina,carter,gene farris,derrick may,roger sanchez,claude young,stacey kidd, sadly these names dont play the stuff they use to play back in the 90's, maybe only bone still throws it here and there but he's mainly techno, sanchez plays absolute dogshit and carter and farina play such uninspiring stuff these days that i cant be arsed listening to their sets any more, if you can find any of these guys sets from the 90's you've hit the jackpot. thats the way a lot of american djs use to mix back in the 90's cause tracks were pretty short which made you work your mixes, these days tracks are too long which makes djs lazy and they let shit play forever. get this if you can, imho the best mix cd ever made, to this day i still havent found anything like it, its probably the pinnacle of the 90's mixing and house/techno

some cool vids of old school skills