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The highest quality conversion possible?

Weiss, Lavry gold or Prism.

You will be looking at about $6000 - $12,000 for a stereo A/D converter. If you have a properly designed and built room with correctly positioned acoustic treatment and very high end monitors, you may just benefit from the 3 or 4% increase in quality over stuff that is thousands of dollars cheaper.

Can I ask why you need "the highest quality conversion possible"? Perhaps I am bias, but I find conversion one of the most overrated, and overhyped pieces of gear in any signal chain. Particularly if you are just starting to build up a collection of gear.

A $5000 microphone will sound at the top of its game in 30 year time...
A $5000 set of converters will be an absolute boat anchor...

Some food for thought.

some good observations here basketcase. this thread should probably have been titled 'best Ad/Da converters for a home studio', because the best converters are often those found in mastering rooms and often cost $10k and over.
as much as I love good converters, and God knows I've bought a few for my mastering room over the years, you certainly don't need mastering grade converters for tracking vocals and the like. you're much better off spending dollars on things like acoustic treatment and monitors. I'd say most people's home studios would improve radically if they delayed spending money on the next 'must have' bit of gear and spent it on acoustic treatment.
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