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Something's not right here.

"Mic output" --> Why are you using a MICROPHONE and what is it coming OUT of? Think about which directions the audio is traveling (In or Out), and I take it you're using a line level audio connection into an input designed to accept line level sources?

Secondly, do you know what mono is? Why would you record stereo music in mono?

Lastly, there's something catastrophically wrong with your settings. An hour of stereo music recorded in WAV 16bit/44.1k would be around 600MB, and half that for mono. You've got 2300MB? What file format did you go with? Did you record video at the same time?

As for the original poster, are your levels in the mixer still looking OK despite switching sources?

hehehe. far out relax dude. i got output mixed up with input

but yeh i think i did mess something up pretty bad but i cant figure it out. i didnt record video im sure of that but i ended up saving the file as mp3 and now faaarked if i know why it won't open up. i really shouldnt drink why playing around with sound programs.

wat is the difference between mono and stereo? i know its probably a stupid question but i im a bit new to this.