Brutal feedback?! Okay.

First off, nice job for your first attempt. Now that I’ve got the niceties out of the way let's get in to the real meat & potatoes.

On performance: the site is using 15 external javascripts, 13 external stylesheets and 7 background images. That’s not good at all. Concatenate where you can or lose the dodgy plugins that do pointless social stuff (for example).

The site should be using expires headers, and you should enable gzip compression. Don’t place css in the footer/end of page. Don’t put Js
in the header, place that in the footer as that blocks rendering.

Minify your production css and js.

Don’t scale images using html. Ever.

Look here for a more detailed analysis:

On design: the images you’ve used for the nav text don’t look good at all. Fix the jaggies. I don’t understand the house frame image in the header, fix the scaling and positioning. If you’re not sure what I mean try resizing your browser a bit to see how it responds to different sizes.

You’ve got a lot of text embedded in images that can easily be rendered with html & css. This is all content that isn’t searchable/indexable, and screen readers will hate you as the images aren’t accessible/do not have alt text for those with disabilities.

Your footer headers are doing it right. Readable, selectable text with the two colour styling. Any reason why your nav can’t get this treatment too?

I’m just killing time in KLIA but that should be enough for now.
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