yer that’s right…listen to silva and play nice fuckers

borris, you intimidate, persecute and tyrannize fuzz, your nothing but a dead beat bully…you have some anger issues I say you book in a session with mels sister and sort out your issues you angry angry man

fuz you attention whoring whore hole…less of that…and more of un attention whoring


peaks maybe if you got your mind out of the gutter and actually contributed something of substance rather than mundane sexual jibber jabber than no one would be in this mess…you sexually frustrated good for nothing adulterer

ohhh don’t think you get off so light gurney you junky fuck, ether really? its called k give it a go,

sparkles – I think I speak for everyone when I say we are still waiting for those topless photos, stop being so clothed all the time

and mel – well you are doing a good job mel keep it up

im scared of mel…



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mlirosi brought forth mugs.