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[IMG ]http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/9766/img0194fg.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG ]http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/7199/img0197mc.jpg[/IMG]

Upgraded my mixer to a 900 recently and got some new m-audio bx8a's

Paid $1600 for a new dim 900
$300 for the bx8a's

Thinking of upgrading 2000's because i know a few contacts and can get pioneer gear really cheap

Also gonna get a proper desk made thats a lot higher and fits everything nicely.

have paid for everything i own and will continue - 18 years old and loving the music scene

You're the dude that bought my xone 22, miss that little thing, awesome 2 channel mixer! Good to see you're still enjoying the mixing. How does the 900 go? Looks similar to the 800 imo but I have not played with one yet.

You mention upgrading to 2000's, with the 900 can't you play your computer via USB to the in built sound card and use a DVS with Traktor or similar? If so you could play all your digital files through timecode cd's in your 1000's? Doesn't seem like the 2000's would offer much extra functionality if this is the case. I only mention it as the 1000's are good solid units with a sturdier feel (IMO) than the 2000's. But hey, just my opinion and if you can get a good price on pioneer equipment as you say and are happy to spend the money why not?

edit, I'm assuming those are mk3's, and that you have a laptop for this to work well?
Check it ****s.