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Big respect to you for riding Hotham dart. Great effort. How does it compare to other climbs you've done? Scenery, conditions etc


scenery: A+++

it felt like the Pyrenees, very similar to the port de bales climb I did a while back (which they use in the tour, the climb where andy schleck dropped his chain and yadda yadda yadda).

it's not as mountainous as the French alps so you don't get the feeling you're surrounded by so many other peaks as you do there, but as far as views go hotham was really great, as was the whole ride.

the ride from dinner plain to omeo had some great valley riding, infact the whole of the ride from the top of hotham onwards was really great, lots of great scenery and vistas.

except the climb up to trapyard gate, that's 9kms where all you see is your front tyre.

toughness of hotham:

it's as tough as ventoux, tourmalet, galibier but really it all depends on how hard you tackle it, if you wanted to push yourself and set a really good time, you could absolutely ruin yourself on this climb.

saw a few people that had fallen off with cramp and one dude wrapped in a space blanket half-way up CRB hill. his day was over.

but if you just cruise it (and have done some prep), there are a few bits that put you into difficulty, CRB hill, the Meg, but the rest is really quite do-able and pleasant.
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