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Whatevs, douchebag, saying $1k+ on a two channel mixer isn't absurdly expensive is about the most fucking retardedly misguided eye for mixer pricing I've ever heard. congratulations

the fact of the matter, you petulant little child, is that buying equipment for djing, if you want it to work well, last, and sound good, is a fucking expensive hobby, on any level. he asked for a good 2 channel mixer that sounded good. not one that was cheap as chips and sounded good. so i answered him, because i've used the ttm56 and i know it both sounds great and lasts. yes, he specified later that over a grand was a bit much for him, and that's fair enough, but in his first post he mentioned nothing of price, and then in response to my post, you oversimplified the awesomeness of one of the simplest and best 2 channel mixers on the market, to, "no effects, no nothing".

so cry, like a little girl. let the tears fill up my tear collection vats and let me drink deep of them.


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The music that I push in my opinion is probably a bit too mature for someone who listens to "Trance" but hey, we all have to start somewhere?