NOW ON MP3/WAV - Transcend - 'Synaesthesia'! [Freeform]

Transcend - 'Synaesthesia'

22 Unmixed #freeform #hardcore tracks |

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Transcend (Pronunciation: / tranˈsɛnd): 'To go further, rise above, or be more important or better than something, especially a limit'.

'Synaesthesia' dawns. Your senses are entangled, heightened and alive, pleasantly confused. The Yin Yang realigns, but familiarity is abandoned and the results unexpected. This is a new chapter, an original concept, a singular vision. Exceeding all limits, 22 DJ-friendly tracks guide, enhance and awaken auditory perceptions. Based in mythology but crafted through technology, this is a future freeform soundtrack, beautifully embracing the distinctions enhanced beats-per-minute, melodic, intelligent, underground music requires. Born from Transcend, raised by Stamina Records, relinquish your sensations?

'Synaesthesia' dawns.

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