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I said that.

No, not every single record responds differently to every single other record, but enough of them do that you should be aware of it.

You might not play old records, but if you do, you’d notice that there is loads of variability.

Vinyl can be different weights
They can be pressed at different volume levels.
They can have small holes that require more pressure to manipulate
They can have largerrs holes and are thus quick to respond to the lightest tough
They can be warped to varying degrees
They can have crackles and skips depending on their condition.
Some records have cue burn at the start and you may need mix from a different point on the record.
Then there is of course the different sizes - you’ve got 12s, LPs, 10 inches and 45s with big holes and small hole – each needs to be manipulated differently

Its not like if you’re playing CDs and you press the button and it works just as it did the last time. Thats what I'm trying to say.

You need to know the differences in quality, just as you know when and where to mix in a track or you will get caught out.

Yeah true, also, i might be asking a really NOOB question, but what is the difference between an LP and a regular 12 ? I thought LPs (long plays) were just 4 or 5 vinyl in one package ? Or do u mean like old-school "band" records with like 5 songs a side?


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