Foster's philosophy? Give me a break. The guy spouts recycled opinions about La Liga and Serie A, all of which have been aired more articulately years ago by men who know what they're on about. Unlike an injury prone gobshite who trundled around the second tier of the British game and achieved fuck all of nothing. Before slagging off the very place that paid his way and no doubt set him up to talk utter nonsense.

For such a diamond bloke, he's very quiet on the crisis at Portsmouth - one of his former employers. The guy is a fucking tit, starstruck and bitter in equal measure.

And as I've said before, it's very easy to sit in the press box and slag everything and anything off. Much harder it appears for Fozzie to get involved in the game and actually do something positive.

Oh and he's an utter cnut to play against.
"Old enough to know better"