The Kush Club Launch Party July 29th Ft. Girl Unit (Night Slugs/UK)
The Kush Club Launch Party Ft.

GIRL UNIT (Night Slugs, UK)

Local support from:
Jimmy Larcombe
Percy Miracles + more

Tickets: $15+BF (Cheapest outlet)

Moshtix: $15+BF

Oztix: $15+BF

Tickets also directly available through myself (James), so contact me if you prefer that route.

"Girl Unit is our favourite new dubstep producer/artist since, ooh, Fantastic Mr Fox last Tuesday. In fact Philip Gamble, the 24-year-old Londoner behind the GU mask, draws whether by design or default on a lot of our favourite music of the moment, confirming our suspicion that there is a confluence of agenda among the juke, drag and dubstep people right now. Listening to Gamble's remixes and his own tracks, we are reminded variously of the darkly monolithic synth chords of Salem's witch house, the relentlessly twitchy beats and chopped-and-diced R&B vocals from DJ Nate's fancily frenetic footwork (we've just got a copy of his hour-long, 25-track Da Trak Genious CD and it is, frankly, barking) and the abstract dubstep of FFF and Becoming Real.

We don't know much about Gamble except that he began DJing circa 2006-7 as Girl U No It's True, a Barry White-sampling name if ever we saw one. Actually, it could be a Milli Vanilli-sampling name, but we're rejecting that possibility if only because Gamble has such good taste. And by "good taste", we're not implying he's offering a smooth puree of dubstep/drag/whatever, just that he clearly knows how to make these genres rubs along together effectively in the mix. We might even go so far as to suggest that, amid the mad drama and crashing chaos of his music, there is a certain pop sensibility at work – and that Girl Unit, and not Joy Orbison or Jakwob or Joker, might be the one to push through in 2011 and become the dubstep act to make it in the mainstream Mercury prize world; that he'll be the one who keeps the flag flying for freaky sonics while his former peer James Blake moves away from all that wobbly bass nonsense towards The Song."

We are here for the long run, with future party ideas already in the works, so come down, support us so we can keep doing this, cause in the end, this is for Brisbane. These parties will be about, the latest and best in bass influenced music, with a focus on fun and positive vibes.

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