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I think we will want an apartment. A friend told me Niseko is full of drunk Aussies and to try Nagano or Furano on the main island...

Budget about 3.5k for the week (for two of us).

What's the deal with a lodge? It is private rooms with own bathroom and shared common areas or more like a hotel?

oh yeah nothing worse than encountering drunk australians when you're on holiday

especially if you're australian.

nagano & furano are meant to be wicked, same goes for nazowa (sp?) and hakuba.

you can't go wrong really & japan is an amazing experience anyway. make sure you have a few days set aside to go to tokyo (if you haven't been there already)

the 3.5K, is that for food, accomodation, ski pass, hire, booze but not airfare & wotnot?

if so that's a decent amount of cash i should think, best thing would be to find out how much a ski pass is for the place you're going, subtract that from the 3.5, same goes for hire.

then allow $100 per day for your food (covers both of you), or maybe a little more, which is a fair amount but always better to over budget, it will help cover those nights you go out drinking or do an allyoucandrinkkareoke thing or something, then figure out what's left to spend on accomodation.

save some cash to go shopping in tokyo though, or just burn the credit card, aussie dollar is going gangbusters at the moment & harajuku is full of awesome stuff to buy.
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