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Gadammnit, I've been wanting to get the 20mm for so long but every time I try to buy it something goes wrong, its like I'm cursed not to have it, very jealous of you right now!

How does it perform in low light? (the 14-42mm blows in lowlight without flash or tripod)

yeah.. it does, and i don't have a flash yet. seems pretty damn good in low light so far, but i only got it last night so all i've tested it with is the cats will report back after the weekend.

i did take this one last night, doesn't really show much i guess but it was dark and the cat was wriggling and stretching!

kitten face by jazzcat.meow, on Flickr

Next i want an ultra wide, and i think my set will be complete and i'll get rid of the 1000D
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