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Ok so I've decided to get rid of my Nikon D80 and associated kit, (SB-600, 50mm 1.8, 18-135mm 3.5-5.6, bags etc) and buy a Micro 4/3 camera for my travels. The D80 was/is just too big with all the stuff I have for it to fit in my luggage and lug around.

I've been looking at the Panasonic G2 and GF1 models but seeing a few of you guys use the Olympus any advice?

Mickstah, did you have your 4/3s camera here for Joe and Wanz's wedding or was that a Canon G10/11?

I certainly had my 4/3's there, Madz was rockin' the G9.

I also finally got the Pana 20mm pancake and I'm in luuuurve. Have a look at the photos I took over the weekend at a friend's wedding (they're up on facebook), all the shots are unprocessed so will give you a good idea what it is capable of.

I've got the EP-1 but I'd go the EP-2 if you were going the olympus avenue. The GF models have built in flash but just a word of warning, the Oly uses image stabilisation on both pana and oly lenses but the GF only image stabilises pana lenses.

Which ever way you go the biggest bonus is how easy they are to carry around everywhere you go.
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