This was just posted on DPreview by Olympus Australia. Looks like they're looking for test drivers for their new Pens

Do you capture ordinary details in extraordinary ways? Do you love to take photos that shock, surprise or inspire? Olympus challenges you to test-drive the new Olympus PEN E-PL3 to capture snaps that are Anything But Ordinary, which could become the star of the new Olympus advertising campaign.

Open to budding camera and photography enthusiasts, from students interested in street photography through to anyone interested capturing the unpredictable, Olympus will select twenty individuals to take part. Armed with nothing but an Olympus PEN E-PL3 and their creative eye, participants will be given free rein to shoot unpredictable images and be amongst some of the first in the country to showcase the camera’s artistic features and produce authentic, unpredictable images.

“Olympus’ Anything But Ordinary campaign is set to celebrate the unexpected, the out of the ordinary and the absolutely unpredictable. We are calling on everyday Australians to give us their take on ‘Anything But Ordinary’. In return, Olympus will provide them with their very own PEN E-PL3 camera to test drive and the opportunity to showcase their very best photographs in Olympus’ next advertising campaign.”

Photography enthusiasts who are keen to try out the E-PL3 from the new PEN range of Next Generation System Cameras need to submit three examples of their personal photography and fill out a short questionnaire on the Olympus Facebook page. Submissions will open from Friday 26 August to Thursday 8 September. Selected participants will be notified by Wednesday 14 September before being issued with an Olympus PEN E-PL3 and an ‘Anything But Ordinary’ brief. More information can be found at