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Just imagine a bratwurst with a couple of small vertical slices near one end.

So glad that I'm not having sausages/bratwurst tonight.

inb4 hurrrr you always do cos you're gay


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lipton brisbane city bike things


I already got a theme song to yell while riding


Baaa-ring ding dingading
Ding ding dingding
Ding ding ding-a-ding
bring dingdingding

Here's another one, which I am forever cursed with whenever I hear a bell ringing:



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I once asked a female friend of mine if girls had wet dreams and got the response "why are you such a creep" in my defense I was pretty drunk.

You have a tendency to ask a lot of probing questions


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Well that depends, IE: creep factor. Did you ask it out of the blue and out of context? IE: at a funeral, or was the topic sex/dirty bizness and it was a question you asked?

EDIT: sudden irl lol at the thought of Derelict piping up at a funeral with DO GIRLS HAVE WET DREAMS?????


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"I loved nana, I find myself missing her hugs, the iced tea she used to make and I'm left wondering... Did that bitch get frothy in her sleep?"


Also voted on that thingy - up to 28 votes now.