You're missing the point. While I have no doubt Berghain is brilliant, calls for it being "THE GREATEST CLUB IN THE WORLD" seem very misguided. I think adrianclub said it best when he mentioned that clubs aren't what make a great party, it's the timing of the whole thing and a little bit of luck. There is no best club ever, just great venues that have been witness to legendary nights because of what they experienced in that moment eg Jeff Mills Live At Liquid Room. No one would have remembered that club until Jeff slayed it.

Sure Australia doesn't even get close to the offerings of Berghain on a weekly basis for a techno/house fan, but there is soooo many glorious options out there across Berlin, let alone the rest of Europe that it is pretty unfair to even draw a comparison.

It just seems to be very narrowminded as well to follow one club so passionately when you have been there maybe a couple of times max?

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