trying to find this amazing 60 min mix Techno/trance from like 04/05. it uses the sample "Do you know where your teenager is at five o' clock in the morning? The after hours club. The clubs attract thousands of Chicago area young people. Some say they come looking drugs, dirty dancing, and pounding, pounding techno music." not songs theme from discotheque or 2-many djs hand to phone. Its a massive DJ mix with even DHS-House of God Remix similar to (DJ isaacs remix) that's like the 4th song on this great mix. it actually has a Hard-trance feel to it. if any one knows this insane mix tell me for i need to hear it again in my life b4 i die. (also i found this mix as Two tracks like 34mins each enough to take up a basic CD. so u can tell its a massive Dj mix)