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^^^^Fkn golden ShinnyDiscoball hahaha classic!

This Gene Hoffman person aka mad-ass Psyentist is a fuckin clown. Just listen to his mixes. Oh, who are you again? Just some dude that existed 8 years ago that nobody ever heard off anyway, but now is overweight and sports a fuckin pathetic beard and thinks he is on his own personal come back in the techno arena. For fuck sake just read his bio on soundcloud - could there be a bigger (fatter) more glorified self-promoting tool than that? You're resorting to parties in Gold Coast hahaha (the techno capital of Oz. clearly). Good luck with your techno career ya mad cnut....

That's awesome. Do you mind if I use that as my signature?
Gene Hoffmann at Tresor.Berlin [Sept 2014]
feat. Surgeon, Rrose, Untold, Kangding Ray, Blawan, Green Velvet etc...
Set & tracklist: https://soundcloud.com/gene-hoffmann...lin-3-sep-2014