Hahahahahah Jealous much? The G.C was an excellent. Partying in our backyard, listening to sweet beats. Without all the fakes & glams.......straight up pure Techno! Thanks Gene & Matt. 798 plays of the set from that night. how many downloads? Not bad for someone who 'noboddy ever heard of anyway" LOL


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^^^^Fkn golden ShinnyDiscoball hahaha classic!

This Gene Hoffman person aka mad-ass Psyentist is a fuckin clown. Just listen to his mixes. Oh, who are you again? Just some dude that existed 8 years ago that nobody ever heard off anyway, but now is overweight and sports a fuckin pathetic beard and thinks he is on his own personal come back in the techno arena. For fuck sake just read his bio on soundcloud - could there be a bigger (fatter) more glorified self-promoting tool than that? You're resorting to parties in Gold Coast hahaha (the techno capital of Oz. clearly). Good luck with your techno career ya mad cnut....