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Any recommendations for decent canned beers - off for a lads weekend which will involve several cases and a small fishing boat so will make housekeeping a bit easier!

Must be reasonably easy to get hold of in Sydney and not super exxy!

All suggestions so far have been Poor Blonde or VB - yuck.

Best bet is to look for proper imported Japanese lagers like Kirin - always comes in a can. It's a great macro beer (stay away from the Aussie contract brewed version, disgusting).

Any decent large bottle shop like Dan's should have 3 or 4 UK ales in cans... Boddingtons, Guinness, etc.

BWS usually has a German pils called Oettinger in a can - much cheaper than Aussie shite and much tastier too.

I've also had no probs finding the James Squire Golden in a can, you can order it online too.
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