Abraham - Dreaming EP [Insomniafm Records]

Abraham - Dreaming EP

The new EP from Abraham, is structured around the clatter of woody snares and a famous or famous sounding disco riff,
"Dreaming" is seven minutes of locomotion. Even its breakdown merely involves the kicks being restrained for a few dozen bars. Filters play a crucial role in managing this non-stop thrusting, easing us through peaks and troughs, the riff making for some ecstatic highs.

Franzis-D version is similarly reliant on sound shaping, its brisk guitar loop and croaking bassline unable to maintain
interest alone, though the track's slightly overdriven kicks are a nice touch.
Matias Ricciardi vision is marginally more varied, bridging between thick, twanging synth passages with blasts of kicks and it feels a bit chaotic and confusing, but is very effective. Leo Temet remix goes the other way, stripping things right down to a potentially hypnotic level with a rapid, four-note motif. But the chance gets passed over, bombastic diva wails taking the stage instead.

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Dreaming (Original Mix)
Dreaming (Franzis-D Remix)
Dreaming (Matias Ricciardi Remix)
Dreaming (Leo Temet Remix)

Label : Insomniafm Records
Cat : IFMR069
Released: September 25th 2012
Style: Progressive House
Site: www.insomniafm.com
Streaming: www.insomniafm.com/insomniafm.pls