Neel V - French Connection [Insomniafm Records]

Neel V - French Connection

Neel V’s musical style reflects his eclectic culture influences from high-modernist electronic dance music distilled down to pure addiction. He’s combining eastern classical music with western underground dance music to create a new sound that would just be pure treat for the heart and mind. "French Connection" textured and tweaked as we'd expect, his original production nevertheless feel especially focused and restrained. Taking it's beat from the breath of what sounds like a runner pushing through her final lap movement in all directions simultaneously.

"Robbie Jay & ReDub" remix it takes little more than an easy shuffle and dubby vamps to get us there work that would generally require a much larger toolkit for most producers, included their "touch" a few ticks more minimalistic techno tune, with just a few key adjustments and not a hint of bluster.

"John D" remix goes for the jugular from the outset, its chattering, dubby percussion hitting an early peak, before the entrance of a searing female vocal, the track settling down to a rattling groove that sounds like a porch door flapping in a gale.

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01.French Connection (Original Mix)
02.French Connection (John D Remix)
03.French Connection (Robbie Jay & ReDub Remix)

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR080
Released: February 12th, 2013
Style: Progressive House