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I bid on Bosschaart's away shirt with the intention of wearing it (I also don't know if that's even an option). I've since been usurped, don't know if I care enough to bother bidding higher.

Email from the club:

"Hi [legal-affairs],

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your enquiry and apologies for the delayed response.

Please note that while the shirt is not glued to a backboard it is pinned in a number of areas and despite them being only small holes they may well increase with age/time. Also, as the shirts are player issue, depending on the who the player is, the shirt may well not actually fit you. [Well, derrrrrr!]

As such, we would not recommend that you buy the shirt and take it out of the frame, however should you win a jersey then it is obviously entirely up to you as to what you do with it.

Happy bidding and I hope you get the one that you are after......"
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