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The minority government is looking to be on even shakier ground.

They are back where they where when Harry Jenkins stepped down, althiough with one less number on the Coalition benches and one more on the cross-benches. However, the fact that this has been kicked when it has suggestes that the Coalition is losing hope that Craig Thomson will be forced out of Parliament.

As I read the statement, Slipper is only going to step down until the "criminal allegation" is dealt with, and as I read the "criminal alleagtion", it is that he handed blank Cabcharge dockets to a limousine driver whom Ashby did not believe to be a cab driver. There doesn't seem to be much in that.
But we're fools if we sit back and stare at the ground
While the weasels and analysts sing
If we want our place in history, we can't let the frustration
Drive us to fashionable drinking again