I think the worst thing in this is the terrible spelling and grammar in the text messages. These people are meant to be running the country!!!

The following text message was allegedly sent by Peter Slipper on February 1 to one of his staffers, James Ashby: ''But you're [sic] call and no hard feelings in that you only want businesslike contact. In that event of the difficulty in our personal.''

Alleged response text by Ashby: ''I don't know what type of contact you expect Peter. Perhaps u should define that u would like and I can then be clearer on my position.''

Slipper: ''U want something more? U brillianmt [sic] at massages.''

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Ashby: ''No I'm happy the way things are. I care for u Pete but the massage is at far as it goes. Life's a lot more simpler when it's business and a few drinks after work.''

Slipper: ''Oh.''

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